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Our wonderful customers are the reason we’re in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us.

BitsyWe couldn’t be happier with our beautiful Sheltie Bitsy. My ideal dog was formed in my mind watching Lassie as a kid and while Bitsy is not a Collie, her temperament and loyalty match my every expectation of the perfec dog. The perfect watch dog and the sweetest companion – the best!

Cheyenne (blue merle) and Scout (tri) have brought laughter and fun back into our home. They are only a little over eight weeks old, but they have done well with house training. Of course, they LOVE to go out and lie in the grass in the shade, even on 95+ days and that helps with avoiding mistakes in the house. The chewing is rampant and we can hardly step anywhere in our living room and dining area without coming across a toy or rawhide chew to try to keep the damage under control. It’s a good thing we didn’t change out Cheyenne and Scoutour rugs or buy new furniture after we had to euthanize our last dog, Murphy, who was a major chewer! Riding in the car is an experience since Cheyenne does NOT travel well, but we hope to help him with his anxiety as time goes along.

The boys love each other and cuddle up to (mostly the feet of) members of the family. Since they have each other as playmates, they have been leaving our 17 pound cat, Casper, alone, but lately, the three of them have been interacting more and I forsee some play activity happening when the puppies get a little bigger. Casper just bats at them with a declawed paw from time-to-time when they get in his face.

Thank you for providing us such joyful additions to our home. — Julie Kocher

I just wanted to send you a picture of Scotty who’s almost a year old now. Thanks! — Mendy WilliamsScotty

 I take pen in paw to let you know I am so very happy in my new home. Thank you for all of the time you spent working with my new Mom and Dad, making sure they were a good fit for my personality and a good match for me. We are already the best of friends! I love my new home, Scoutand my new big sisters and brother. I’m glad you showed me the basics of potty training, because that’s something I found out was important in life. Living in a city if fun, because I get to hear new sounds that I didn’t hear on the farm — airplanes, trucks, cars, and school busses. Because you raised me around lots of other animals on the farm, I’m very good friends with any type of animal or people I meet and I have a lot of fun playing with them. Life is GOOD! Thanks for all you did to bring me into this world and keep me safe and healthy until you found my “forever family”.  — Scout Freeman (Frisco, TX)

Sassy lives up to her name. She is a handful but a joy. She sleeps with Mom and is such a Pic of Mom and Sassy (2)always wants to nibble or chew on something. What else can I say? She is an adorable animal. I have already told you that I have started calling her “Beady-eyed Rat-looking Skunk” or “Skunkie”. But I love her to death. I am happy with having her. The important thing is seeing how happy and secure she makes Mom. She is a little coward, but she will bark at anything that walks through the door. Everyone who sees her adores her. — Mendy Williams

Lacy is doing great.  She brings my husband’s & my shoes to us every morning & brings the comfort to her. She even puts up with me. Shepaper in every DSC_0489_edited (2)morning.  She is such a joy & so funny.  She keeps us laughing all the time.  I’ll tell her to “suck her thumb” & cross her heart.  She’ll lay on her back & put her paw in her mouth.  Then she crosses her front feet.  Then she goes to her toy box & gets a toy, rolls over with it & bows.  She does all four tricks each time.  She picks up all her toys at night & puts them back in her toy box. As you can see, we are really enjoying her. Hope all is well with you & your pups. — Sandy

Tippy-TeddyAs I promised I have a picture of Tippy and Teddy for you to see. They are just darling and bring us a lot of joy. Thank you again for all of your help, and for helping bring such beautiful little boys into this world. Many Hugs, and a very Happy Holiday to you and yours.  — Barb McKelv

Just wanted to let you know how well Lacy is doing.  Hopefully there is a picture of her below if LacyI did it right.  She is a sweetheart & extremely smart.  She adjusted to our family immediately, not even crying the first night.  She was the perfect Sheltie to help heal our heart when we lost our other Sheltie after having her almost 15 years. Thanks so much! — John & Sandy Trent

I have been meaning to write and give you an update, but life has been a little busier since the arrival of Hadassah, The Little Princess (a/k/a “Haddie”).  Never would I have dreamed that a puppy would have made the transition like she has. Haddie has adjusted to life off the farm and her move to the city quite well. Because of her raising, she is not scared of any noise or thing. She adores all people and, especially, children. Rosie would be very proud of her! And she loves to rip and romp just like her mom and dad.  It is so apparent that your Shelties come from great stock, not to mention a great deal of love. I feel very fortunate to have met you and thank God daily for the joy that she has brought to our home. She’s growing a lot and we are getting in the gangly/teenage stage. Her favorite past-time is biting anything that moves. Her left eye is so beautiful and people always comment on her overall looks. She’s definitely a looker!  Again, thank you for being so patient to answer questions and provide good information. My best to you and your family. — Paul Parks

I adopted one of your puppies in August.  I just wanted to tell you how wonderful it feels to testim1have Avery as part of the family. Avery August Rose (Avery for short) was truly the pick-of-the-litter, in my opinion. I just knew she was the one when she followed me around the first day I saw her… and poked her head out of the fence when she saw me again the next day. She will be five months old in a few days and I felt bad I had not emailed you sooner.  Life is busy with a puppy running around the house. No one can believe how extremely well-behaved she is for being so young.  Already, she is fully-house-trained, knows all the basic commands, and plays well with her sister Alice (the cat).  You asked me to send you some pictures of her as she got older, so I am doing just that. These were taken around 4 months of age. She is such a sweetheart!  She is intelligent, gracious, beautiful, and absolutely precious. Thank you so much!  — Lisa Chang Austin, TX

 I am writing this letter to thank you for your sincere concern in helping to place me with the exact sheltie I needed. I appreciate your honesty, integrity, and the trouble you went through to help me after losing my blue male to congestive heart failure.  Your kindness did not go unnoticed, and you were always following up and doing the things you told me you would with phone calls, etc.  It is so nice to know in your business, that there are still compassionate people in the industry who want the best for both the sheltie and their owner. — Marsha Bletich