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We are Masek Kennels

Welcome to Masek Kennels. We are a small privately owned kennel; conveniently located just 20 miles south of downtown Dallas along I-45 South. We are in the country, just outside the city limits of the small farming community of Ferris.

We have been raising Shelties for 17 years. All our dogs have been raised in a country environment on our farm and all are our pets. Our dogs are not kept in pens separated from us, but rather are in our yard where they receive constant attention from us. They have all been raised with our three sons, the youngest having been four when our now oldest dog was introduced as a pup.
I have worked around dogs most of my life—working for years as a veterinarian assistant as well as a dog groomer. I also attended Texas A & M University where I studied Animal Husbandry.

Selective Breeding
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In house training
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Raised with love
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