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The Sheltland Sheepdog is an extremely intelligent and playful herding dog who loves playing with children and learning new tricks. Shelties are easy to train and are world-class competitors in obedience, agility, and herding trials. They’re loyal and affectionate with their family but can be reserved toward strangers. (Bonus: This trait makes them excellent watchdogs—like an alarm system that likes to cuddle.)

Young Shetland Sheepdog, Sheltie


puppyrunningThe Shetland Sheepdog, as its name implies, is a working Collie in miniature. There is little doubt that the small working Collie, from which came the modern show Collie evolving on larger lines, was likewise the progenitor of the Shetland Sheepdog evolving on smaller ones.

Their ability to run swiftly and gracefully, and jump with agility over obstacles, makes them a delight in fields and woods as well as in farm work.


We have truly found Shelties to be an exceptional breed—teaming with loyalty sensitivity and an overwhelming desire to please. All of these traits make them an ideal breed to own. They make one of the best dog breeds to raise with children! On numerous occasions upon inquiring with people who have purchased a puppy from us why they chose a Sheltie—they often times replied-their vet recommended a Sheltie!! But, this really comes as no surprise! They are just what their nicknames imply—“Minnie Lassies”.

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training & TEMPERAMENT

As a herding dog, they can be inclined to bark at and herd people. Shetland sheltie 2Shepdogs thrive on the farm, but adapt to many living situations if given proper exercise. As is common with other herding breeds, They like to chase moving things, including cars and other motor vehicles, and should have a well-fenced yard and be walked on a leash. They do well as city dogs as long as the owners provide sufficient exercise. Very intelligent and trainable, the Sheltie will reach his best potential a companion when given training in basic manners at the very minimum.

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